Pet Eye Infections

Your furry friend is close to the ground, which puts your pet right at nose length from dust, dirt, debris, and all kinds of other gunk. Pets are always sniffing around, licking around, and getting into mud and all kinds of other stuff outside and in the house. Unfortunately, this drastically increases their chance of experiencing an eye infection. An eye infection, if left untreated, can lead to serious medical issues. If you live in Hunter's Creek, Orlando, or the surrounding area, and you believe your pet has an eye infection, schedule a visit with one of our veterinarians at Forever Vets Animal Hospital.


Treating The Infection

There are different ways that your pets’ eyes will be treated. Treatment depends on what is causing the infection and the severity of the eye condition. Sometimes a pet may just need medication to help clear up the infection. Other times it needs to be topical medicine. There are occasions when a pets’ eyes are having an allergic reaction to something in the environment. Our veterinarians can provide advice about common household items that cause allergic reactions.

Find The Cause

It is important to discover what is causing the eye infection. It may be nothing more than dirt or other gunk getting into your pet's eye. However, your pet may have allergies. Pet’s have allergies just like humans and unfortunately, they can’t tell us what’s wrong. If your pet is experiencing an allergic reaction to something he or she ate, smelled, or are in close proximity to, it is important to have this issue examined and addressed. After the cause has been determined, we will advise you on a course of action and provide whatever medicine may be required to help your furry friend get better.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If your pet is suffering from an eye infection it is important to have their eyes properly examined as soon as possible. Often, eye infections are minor issues that clear up on their own. If you’ve noticed the problem for a while, or if it goes away then returns weeks later, then this is an issue that requires veterinary care. If you live in Hunter's Creek, Orlando, or the surrounding area, call one of our veterinarians at Forever Vets Animal Hospital today at (407) 930-5151 to schedule an appointment.

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