Pet Diabetes

Forever Vets Animal Hospital Offers Treatment for Pet Diabetes

Like people, pets can acquire diabetes, a condition that affects their bodies’ ability to remove glucose from the blood. With appropriate treatment, these animals can still enjoy a long and happy life. At Forever Vets Animal Hospital in Orlando, FL, we offer diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring for pets with diabetes. 


What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a condition caused by impairment in production of or a developed resistance to insulin in the body. In this condition, insufficient amounts of insulin are available to remove the sugar, which results from the normal digestion of food. The sugar, called glucose, builds up in blood vessels and organs, causing damage. The insulin is also critical for allowing the cells to use glucose for energy. Without proper treatment, an animal with diabetes will continue to deteriorate.

Symptoms of Diabetes in Pets

Animals with diabetes will consume a great deal of water and urinate frequently. Dogs may be constantly hungry. The animal may lose weight, in spite of increased food consumption. Cats may vomit frequently, lose weight, become uninterested in eating and may seem depressed and lethargic.

Risk Factors for Diabetes

Diabetes generally occurs in older animals, but it can also develop in younger ones. Genetic factors play a significant part in the development of diabetes. Diabetes tends to occur in female animals at about twice the rate as in males. Obesity is a key risk factor for diabetes. Animals with other metabolic problems may develop diabetes, as well. Animals that take corticosteroid drugs regularly may develop diabetes.

How Is Pet Diabetes Diagnosed?

The excess glucose can be detected in the urine of affected animals through urinalysis.  In addition, blood tests will also indicate high glucose levels that are associated with diabetes.

Diabetes Treatment

Animals with diabetes must receive daily insulin injections to control their glucose levels. The vet will teach you how to administer these injections. Pet owners quickly learn how to administer these critical injections without difficulty.  Your veterinarian will also advise you on the proper diet and exercise for your diabetic pet. Generally, treatment must continue for the rest of the animal’s life. With proper treatment, diabetes in cats may go into remission, but they should still be carefully monitored and remain under treatment.

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Dr. Cavanaugh and Dr. Galipalli have extensive training in veterinary medicine, which they use to help their patients in Orlando, FL, Hunter’s Creek, and the surrounding communities maintain good health throughout life. We offer a broad range of pet care services, including examinations, preventative care, dental care, surgery, diagnostics, allergy care, and emergency care. Call Forever Vets Animal Hospital today at 407-917-4602 for an appointment to have your pet tested for diabetes and to learn about today’s treatments.

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