Coughing & Sneezing

Forever Vets Animal Hospital Offers Help for Pet Coughing & Sneezing

Pets can exhibit symptoms of coughing and sneezing that might signal an underlying issue that requires veterinary care. Your veterinarian has the training and experience needed to find the source of these symptoms and administer appropriate treatment to relieve them. At Forever Vets Animal Hospital’s 7 locations in Florida, we provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for your pet’s coughing and sneezing.


What Does It Look Like When Your Pet Is Coughing and Sneezing?

Pets may experience a runny nose, watery eyes, and ear symptoms that cause them to paw at their faces and the side of their heads or shake their heads frequently. Their breathing may also be noisy. Coughing may sound like a “honk" or may bring up fluid from the lungs. Poor feeding, lethargy, and restlessness can also occur with these symptoms.

What Causes Symptoms of Coughing and Sneezing in Pets?

Pets can acquire simple respiratory infections, like colds, just as people do. However, other afflictions can also affect the upper respiratory system of pets. Allergic reactions, foreign objects stuck in the throat or nasal passages, infectious diseases such as distemper, canine influenza, adenovirus, or parainfluenza can result in these same symptoms. Your vet will consider all possibilities and a variety of other factors when examining your pet.

Treatment of Coughing & Sneezing in Pets

The appropriate treatment of coughing and sneezing in animals will depend on what is causing the symptoms. If an allergy is found, the vet may provide antihistamine medication and may offer advice about avoiding common allergens. Anti-inflammatory drugs may also be prescribed. If the problem is a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory system, an antibiotic may be administered over a period of several days. If an obstruction is present, the vet will remove it, putting your pet under anesthesia, if necessary. Infectious diseases may require a number of therapies to help the animal recover.

Make Forever Vets Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian for Pet Care

The veterinarians and staff at Forever Vets Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary care for their patients in Orlando, FL, Hunter’s Creek, Jacksonville, Augustine, St. Johns, and Ponte Vedra. We offer many services for pets, including vaccinations, surgery, diagnostics, emergency care, and boarding. Call Forever Vets Animal Hospital today in Hunter's Creek Orlando at 407-930-5151, Baymeadows Jacksonville at 904-733-5100, Tinseltown Jacksonville at 904-619-9733, Jacksonville Beach at 904-367-2787, Race Track Road St. Johns at 904-287-5625, Murabella Parkway St. Augustine at 904-679-3432, or Nocatee Ponte Vedra at 904-686-2779.

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