Pet Allergy Treatment From Our Vet

If you believe your dog or cat is suffering from an Allergy, it is likely you want to help them obtain relief from this condition. The first step in getting your pet treatment is to contact Forever Vets Animal Hospital if you live in Hunter's Creek or Orlando area to make an appointment with our Vet. Here is some information about pet allergies to read over so you learn what causes them, how to recognize the symptoms of one, and how our veterinarian treats them.

Pet Allergy Treatment From Our Vet

What Causes Allergic Reactions In Pets

Like people, pets can suffer from an allergic reaction for a number of reasons. Some pets are allergic to specific ingredients in foods. Others may have seasonal allergies, which mimic cold symptoms. Pets can be allergic to grooming supplies or chemicals. A pet with a flea problem may have an allergic reaction to bites obtained by these parasites. When allergic reactions occur, symptoms are often present to help you pinpoint which type of allergy your pet is experiencing.

The Symptoms Associated With An Allergy

A pet with a food allergy will likely suffer from digestive troubles. Your pet may vomit, have difficulty keeping food down, wheeze after eating a specific food or have elimination troubles in the form of diarrhea or constipation. A pet with a seasonal allergy may have a discharge from their eyes or nose. They will likely cough and sneeze. A pet that is allergic to dust will have similar symptoms. Flea allergies are usually noticed when a pet scratches and bites at their skin constantly. There may also be a rash noticed upon their skin. Chemical reactions also cause skin difficulties.

What Our Vet Will Do To Help When A Problem Is Present

If you fear your dog or cat has an allergy, bring them to our vet for a full assessment. Our practitioner will evaluate your pet's overall condition and rule out any other medical troubles before starting with an allergy treatment plan. They may run some blood tests to determine whether an allergy is to blame for symptoms as well. If an allergic reaction is indeed being experienced, our vet will provide your pet with a prescription for medication to alleviate symptoms promptly and efficiently. Recommendations will be given to help pinpoint the trigger causing the allergy so it can be avoided in the past. Some lifestyle changes may be necessary for your pet so that they do not experience symptoms again in the future.

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